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so i moved out for college and i am really fucking far away from home and won’t be able to go back until december. i am glad i have some friends here but hey guess what? as i always do, i am about to (or already did idk) fall in love and this dude is gonna fuck me up so bad i just know. mixed signals, you know? and he lives where i live now and we met 2 months ago and i dont think i care about him because he is good looking. i also have some troubles about finding a place to stay. idk. nothing is going good and i feel so goddamn alone it makes my chest hurt. gosh. 

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4 days till i actually meet my dude melissa u don’t understand how excited i am we met thanks to this blog now i’m gonna meet her irl!!

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hi i have a makeup blog kinda thing  going on and i’d like it very much if you guys check it out! :3 

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how i do my eyeliner

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okay dudes only 10 days until i move out my life is changing so fast and if i am not accepted to school dorms i will have my own place which scares the crap out of me jesus fuck 

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hate when it rains

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Anonymous said:

Id love to tc with you :) u seem awesome

omg i’m sorry i just saw this! 

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Anonymous said:

where are you from?


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so yeah i’d prefer it if you  didn’t touch me with your infected hands

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